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Are you questioning what dog fleas appear to be? In case your four-legged good friend has been scratching greater than standard or perhaps their fur is wanting a bit thinner, it might be that your canine has fleas.

Do you know that there are totally different species of fleas, akin to canine fleas, cat fleas, rabbit fleas and human fleas? And multiple kind of flea could have connected itself to your pet. Nonetheless, canine fleas are in all probability the commonest kind that your pup will come into contact with.

What do canine fleas appear to be?

Canine fleas are small parasites that sometimes measure between 1-2.5 millimetres lengthy, in the event that they’re an grownup flea. They are typically brown or reddish-brown in color.

It may be very troublesome to note one particular person flea however relying in your canine’s coat or fur, chances are you’ll discover these slightly simpler. Flea eggs, then again, are white, round half a millimetre lengthy and oval in form. Feminine fleas can lay as many as 40 eggs per day.

dog flea on fur

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What are the indicators that my canine has fleas?

In the event you reply sure to any of the next questions, it might be very possible that your canine has fleas, in line with the RSPCA:

  • Is your pet scratching?
  • Areas of hair loss, bald or sore patches?
  • Spots or scars?
  • Redness and irritation?
  • Thickened pores and skin in areas (e.g. round ear edges)?
  • Are you able to see tiny darkish specks in its fur, or small browny-black bugs scurrying about?
  • Do you will have any unaccounted for insect bites your self?

    How do I verify for canine fleas?

    The best method to verify for fleas in your canine is to make use of a fantastic toothed comb to groom your pet and maintain it over a white floor akin to paper towel or rest room paper. That means will probably be simple to see any fleas or flea droppings.

    find flea on dog

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    Drop some water onto them and in the event that they flip a reddish-brown color, this tends to be a powerful indicator that your canine does actually have fleas.

    What hurt can fleas trigger canines?

    In line with The Kennel Club, fleas may cause severe illness in canines, in addition to cats, “akin to flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) and even anaemia. Fleas also can carry tapeworm larvae, which may infect your pet in the event that they unintentionally ingest fleas whereas they’re grooming themselves.”

    Although fleas can chew people, they cannot dwell on our pores and skin. You’ll have observed some itchy bites on areas akin to your arms or ankles in case your canine has fleas, which can trigger a rash. If this can be a concern, you need to contact your physician, a pharmacist or the NHS for extra recommendation.

    dog drip drops from fleas and ticks taken via medium format kamera

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    How do I deal with canine fleas?

    There are a couple of totally different method to get rid of fleas. It might be price consulting a vet however you should buy most of those therapies over-the-counter.

    • Spot-on therapies – typically the simplest and simplest means of treating and stopping fleas, this small vial of liquid is utilized to the again of your canine’s neck. You’ll discover a vary of those to select from.
    • Sprays – these are actually used much less regularly due to how efficient spot-on therapies are.
    • Powders – these will be fairly a messy means of treating fleas because the powder wants to stay in your canine’s coat to be efficient, which will be fairly a trial when you have a pup who doesn’t like to take a seat nonetheless.
    • Collars – beforehand these weren’t the best and will irritate the canine’s fur additional. However there are newer choices obtainable out of your vet which disperse the lively ingredient all through their physique fairly than merely on their neck.
    • Tablets and liquids - being absorbed into the canine’s physique, these both kill fleas once they have been bitten, or sterilise fleas to allow them to’t reproduce.
    • Injections –  injections can be found in some instances to forestall the event of flea eggs. Nonetheless, a topical remedy could also be wanted on the identical time.

      You will additionally wish to deal with your house, as fleas can survive within the atmosphere with out a host for a lot of months. This implies vacuuming flooring, furnishings and skirting boards, and cleansing your bedding usually. Remember to throw away or empty the vacuum’s mud bag after each use to forestall any flea eggs or larvae from growing inside.

      And if your house is centrally heated, chances are you’ll must proceed to deal with your house and your pet all yr spherical for fleas.


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