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Termite management will be very tough. There may be nuance that many different pest administration strategies simply don’t have. I suppose the proof of that’s in termite labels. Typical pest administration merchandise have pretty easy labels which will cowl dilutions and some instructions — to not spray flowering crops, for instance. A termite label seems to be like a miniature copy of “Struggle and Peace” or the entire screenplay of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Not solely do termite merchandise usually have a number of dilutions, however every utility kind is described intimately: drilling intervals, remedy depths, trench right here, rod there, and so forth. It may be unnerving to any person simply trying to do a job appropriately. Baits are inclined to have easier labels, however they provide another challenges for correct placement and most effectiveness.

BAITS. Baits are probably the most fascinating developments in termite administration within the final 50 years, if not longer. The premise of baiting is that pure foraging conduct will trigger termites to search out the stations, begin feeding, set up the station as a feeding web site with plentiful scrumptious meals, inform their buddies about it after which have them throw an enormous bait social gathering with all their family members. In doing so, they move the energetic ingredient, usually a development inhibitor, all through the colony, thus saving the day. Simply go forward and put a superhero cape on that station; it deserves it.

By utilizing their regular foraging conduct in opposition to the termite colony, you successfully scale back the general termite strain in a given space. Keep in mind, this isn’t a barrier. That’s not the aim right here. Inhabitants discount is the secret.

One gripe I hear is that with stations spaced so many toes aside, there’s nothing stopping termites from strolling between them. That is completely true, however termites don’t naturally forage in a straight line. Take into consideration the mud tubes you’ve gotten seen. They department and cut up. They flip and weave. This considerably random conduct will increase the probability they discover the stations. Keep in mind, they’re blind! Strive closing your eyes and strolling in a straight line for about 50 toes. It’s not gonna occur.

LIQUIDS. Liquids are a very completely different remedy methodology. Liquids are designed to create a barrier or handled zone round a construction. They aren’t all limitations. Repellent merchandise — for instance, bifenthrin — create a barrier that repels termites. Non-repellent merchandise, like fipronil, make a handled zone. They aren’t repelling the termites, however stealthily mendacity in wait, there to get picked up on the termite’s physique because it passes by means of. These merchandise unfold all through the group by way of grooming, once more utilizing termites’ biology in opposition to them, and whoever participates dies. Since they do numerous rubbing collectively, there are mass casualties.

Placing this remedy zone round a construction you need protected has been a main remedy technique for greater than 100 years. If executed appropriately, it may be very efficient, particularly with the compounds we have now accessible to us as we speak. Let’s not discuss in regards to the ’90s.

Baits and liquids can be utilized collectively to battle a termite infestation.

Johnny N. Dell, Bugwood.org

BOTH. Some make the case that liquids and baits can’t or shouldn’t be used collectively. I disagree. I name it the last word safety. Think about this as a soccer metaphor: Baits are the offense, and liquids are the protection. If I encompass the construction with baits positioned appropriately, and even some in further conducive areas (just like the label says), then I’ve asserted an offense to assault a colony. Ought to they evade my offensive transfer, then they attain my protection, the liquid remedy zone correctly utilized to the perimeter.

This mixture may appear to be overkill, and it might be, however some clients may like the concept of getting each a powerful offense and a fantastic protection. They are saying protection wins championships, however on this case, it might not be unhealthy to attain a few kill factors alongside the best way.

I actually don’t consider that this mixture remedy is for everybody. What I do consider is that each baits and liquid therapies have advantage. They each have their place, and generally that place is hand in hand.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Each construction you stroll as much as, you need to contemplate the development, panorama, circumstances conducive, obstructions or different challenges after which determine what instrument (or instruments) in your toolbox you’ll select to deploy. Termite management isn’t one-size-fits-all, and remedy applications must be based mostly on what’s finest for the shopper and on your firm’s legal responsibility.

The writer is senior technical companies supervisor at Rollins in Atlanta.


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