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Because the temperature drops, many bugs will seek for shelter for the winter months — many instances in non-public residences. This 12 months, folks could discover a brand new insect coming indoors.

This insect is the brown marmorated stink bug, and College of Kentucky entomologists already are receiving calls from householders regarding its look and offensive odor, stated Ric Bessin, extension entomologist with College of Kentucky School of Agriculture.

The primary report of the stink bug in Kentucky was in 2010, nevertheless it now’s confirmed in 50 counties, principally within the east and central elements of the state and the Louisville space. Hardin County has been added to the record this 12 months.

As soon as it will get in houses, the stink bug releases an odor that smells like cilantro as a defensive mechanism. Alongside the East Coast, the place this stink bug is extra established, it has been identified to invade houses by the tens of 1000’s.

Along with being a house invader, the stink bug is a serious pest of fruit and greens and can feed on corn and soybeans in the course of the rising season.

The perfect factor householders can do to stop stink bug issues is to pest proof their residences, Bessin stated. This contains sealing off openings into the construction resembling the place wires and pipes enter the constructing from the surface and any cracks or tears in window or door screens. Householders might also wish to spray an insecticide across the perimeter of their dwelling. If stink bugs are present in a residence, householders ought to vacuum them quite than sweep or crush them. Sweeping or crushing could trigger them to emit the odor or depart a stain.

So what can a house owner do? Bug proof your own home this fall!

Pest proofing your private home is essentially the most environment friendly option to preserve these critters out. A swatter, broom or vacuum cleaner and trash container will care for pests that sometimes wander indoors. It’s greatest to take care of stink bugs, boxelder bugs and woman beetles outdoors, earlier than they enter your private home.

Following these tips will assist pest proof your private home or place of job and a few could even make it easier to preserve power and improve the consolation stage this fall and winter.

Set up door sweeps or thresholds on the base of all exterior entry doorways, paying explicit consideration to the underside corners which might be a standard entry location. Bugs and spiders can enter by way of a spot of one-sixteenth of an inch or much less. Get down on the ground and verify for mild coming into underneath doorways; this means attainable pest entryways.

To shut different potential pest entries, apply caulk on the underside outdoors edges and sides of door thresholds; match storage doorways with a rubber backside seal as a result of vinyl doesn’t seal effectively within the winter; and line the underside observe of sliding glass doorways with foam climate stripping ½ to ¾ inch large to seal any gaps.

Utility openings the place pipes and wires enter the muse and siding are frequent entry factors for spiders, ants, yellow jackets and rodents. You should use caulk, cement, urethane expandable foam, metal wool and copper mesh to plug openings round outside taps, receptacles, fuel meters, garments dryer vents and phone or cable tv wires.

Apply a good-quality silicone or acrylic latex caulk to cracks round home windows, doorways, fascia boards and different openings. Earlier than you apply the caulk, clear current caulk, and take away any that’s peeling to assist adhesion. Make sure to use an excellent caulking gun. Fascinating options are a back-off set off to cease caulk when desired, a built-in “slicer” to take away the tip from new caulking tubes, and a nail to puncture the seal inside. These weapons can be found for lower than $10.

To scale back the entry of girl beetles, cluster flies and different overwintering pests, restore gaps and tears in window and door screens. Hold home windows closed when adults are rising to stop entry. Repairing screens additionally will preserve out flies, gnats, mosquitoes and midges subsequent summer time.

One other option to forestall pest entry is to use an exterior barrier therapy with pesticides. To achieve essentially the most from this effort, apply long-lasting liquid formulations that comprise artificial pyrethroids. These merchandise can be found at some {hardware}, garden and backyard outlets.

In the event you apply the barrier therapy, use a compressed air or hose-end sprayer to deal with the bottom of all exterior doorways, storage, crawl area entrances, basis vents, utility openings and beneath siding. It’s additionally helpful to deal with the surface perimeter of the muse with a two- to six-foot large band alongside the bottom and two to a few ft up the muse wall.

In the event you desire to not sort out these pest-proofing actions, contact an expert pest management agency. Many corporations are providing pest-proofing providers.

For extra info on the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, go to or contact Hardin County Cooperative Extension Service at 270-765-4121, [email protected] or

Amy Aldenderfer is a Hardin County Extension agent for horticulture. She may be reached at 270-765-4121, Ext. 114, [email protected].


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