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Andalusia’s Alert and Phytosanitary Data Community (RAIF) has issued a warning stating that “small outbreaks of inexperienced stink bug (Nezara viridula) are starting to be detected in many of the protected horticultural pepper plots of the province of Almeria, particularly within the municipalities that planted their peppers earlier and the place fruit setting is beginning. It has develop into one of many fundamental pests in pepper greenhouses, particularly within the inside areas of the province, because of the discount of organic management therapies.”

“This phytophagous bedbug is a really polyphagous species that feeds on the vegetable juices of all types of horticultural vegetation. The weight-reduction plan of its adults and nymphs causes direct injury to the vegetation. Their bites desiccate seedlings and trigger spots and deformations to the fruits, which lose their industrial worth and function an enter for microorganisms (fungi and micro organism) that trigger rot. The variety of affected fruits within the vegetation the place the nymphal phases are concentrated is normally excessive and might even have an effect on all fruits. Thus, it may develop into a really damaging pest if there are excessive populations distributed all through the greenhouse, inflicting huge crop losses.”

“Since these mattress bugs have a substantial dimension, the beneficial prevention and/or cultural measures embrace isolating the greenhouses crops with anti-insect meshes, putting double doorways on the entrances of the greenhouses, and checking that the plastic is not damaged. These phytophagous bedbugs are attracted by a number of vegetation, reminiscent of caper (Capparis spinosa), so producers can use them as sentinel vegetation or lure vegetation. These vegetation may be positioned across the greenhouses or in sure locations between the crops, the place they’re periodically managed to catch the pest as quickly because it’s detected. The systemic hand cleansing of the vegetation with the presence of larvae and eliminating the adventitious vegetation (when acceptable in order to keep away from the bedbugs from migration to the crop) through which the insect develops, are frequent and efficient practices.”

Along with these measures, producers should additionally take into account different extra common measures reminiscent of:

  • Utilizing wholesome plant materials from licensed nurseries or seedbeds.
  • Finishing up the brand new plantations later than typical.
  • Favoring the proliferation of auxiliary insect populations by rationalizing using phytosanitary merchandise.
  • Carry out crop rotations.

“This pest may be managed through organic management. Trissolcus basalis is an egg parasitoid able to exercising vital management and Trichopoda pennipes parasites adults inflicting them to die.”

“Efficient chemical management in opposition to inexperienced stink bug has severe unwanted side effects for auxiliary fauna,” RAIF said.


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