‘Quick and efficient’ residence treatments to cease ants destroying gardens – ‘lethal to pests’ – Categorical


“The employee ants will eat a few of the mixtures because the sugar attracts them. They may even take the remainder of it to the nest for the queen and different ants. 

“The boric acid will kill the ants after a while. This borax combination is protected for making use of across the backyard and crops, nonetheless, beware that it’s poisonous to each people and animals.”

Orange peels

Orange peels are very helpful when coping with an ant infestation in gardens. Consider it or not, “they’re lethal to ants”, in keeping with the pest management gurus.

They defined: “The natural elements they comprise are poisonous to the favorite meal of ants – fungi. Since ants will seek for fungi, if they’ll’t discover them, they’ll select one other backyard. Acquire the peels from the oranges you may have eaten and unfold them in your yard.”


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