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Khoo Bee Khim

CNA – Keep in mind after we would depart the tilam or mattress out within the solar to do away with “germs”? We’d give it just a few laborious smacks afterwards for good measure, and think about the mattress cleansing a part of the day carried out and dusted.

Quick ahead to 2022 when the COVID-19 pandemic nonetheless looms over our heads and everybody’s extra involved about hygiene. Are these strategies now thought-about archaic and ineffective? Are you higher off utilizing the vacuum cleaner in your mattress?

Superficial stains apart, there are deeper the reason why there’s a necessity to scrub your mattress: Allergic reactions brought on by mud mites. Based on the Bronchial asthma and Allergy Basis of America, mud mites could also be the commonest set off of year-round allergy symptoms and bronchial asthma.


Contemplating the period of time you spend on the mattress (you do spend a couple of third of your life sleeping or making an attempt to), we don’t clear it sufficient, at the least in accordance with a Dyson survey involving greater than 32,000 respondents from 33 nations.

This annual world examine discovered that near seven in 10 people don’t vacuum their mattresses even if these locations are hotbeds for mud mites.

Mud mites are eight-legged, microscopic (every about one-third of a millimetre) bugs that feed on human dander (we’re identified to shed about 5.7 gramme of useless pores and skin a day) in addition to on the mould that thrive on this all-you-can-eat buffet that’s your useless pores and skin, physique oil, sweat and dirt, mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew Fook Tim from Nationwide College of Singapore’s Division of Organic Sciences, College of Science.

They might seem to be your private clean-up crew however the impact is much from that. Mud mites and their faeces – together with the mould that develop on the amassed mixture of mud, useless pores and skin, physique oil and sweat – don’t spell excellent news for many who react to this allergy trifecta, mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew.


Sure, mud mite faeces – not simply the mites themselves – are a supply of allergen or set off for runny nostril, watery eyes, sneezing and in extreme circumstances, bronchial asthma or eczema flare-ups.

“There are greater than 30 to 40 totally different allergens which have since been recognized to be able to triggering allergic signs to various extent in several people,” mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew. And a few of these allergens are courtesy of the mud mites.

As an example, meet Der p 1. This main allergen is generally present in mite faeces, mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew. “There are various extra allergens – Der p 2, Der p 3 and so forth – that may be discovered on the our bodies of the mites themselves. Some are the enzymes which can be a part of the mites’ intestine system, whereas others make up totally different elements of the mites’ total system.”

Now that you recognize, what are your choices that may successfully management the mud mite scenario in your mattress? “Some analysis signifies that anyone single technique of environmental management and mite-reduction technique might not be efficient,” mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew. As a substitute, you’ll do higher with a mixture of varied strategies.

However having mentioned that, “mud mites are ubiquitous” and there’s no means you may obtain Mite Inhabitants: 0, reminded Affiliate Professor Chew. A extra smart strategy is to minimise the mite ranges, so that you’ve got higher management over your allergy symptoms.

Right here’s a have a look at the strategies accessible and the way they stack up:


These mattresses and bedlinen could also be handled or embedded with acaricidal (anti-mite), anti-fungal and/or anti-bacterial chemical substances. Nevertheless, such properties would wane over just a few years – some quicker than others, mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew.

Typically, they’re fabricated from breathable supplies comparable to cotton or bamboo, which don’t encourage the buildup of humidity. “Mud mites thrive in excessive humidity, between 75 per cent to 80 per cent,” mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew, together with mould, which is a supply of meals for the mites.

One other technique is using tightly woven materials that act as a barrier and supposedly don’t enable the mites to go by way of. “However such supplies could not keep tightly woven over time, and in any case, the allergens that set off the allergic signs are a lot smaller than the person mite themselves,” mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew.

Finally, do these merchandise work? “The phrase ‘hypoallergenic’ doesn’t imply that the product received’t produce an allergic response; neither is it efficient in lowering and retaining mud mite ranges low for good,” mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew. “There aren’t any requirements or definitions that govern using the time period.”

Even when there are some advantages, totally different folks have various levels of sensitivity to mud mites, he mentioned. “How efficient or lengthy such hypoallergic properties would final depend upon a number of elements, together with the setting, hygiene observe, and particular person sensitivity of the individual.”


Whereas this technique could kill mud mites on or close to the floor of the mattress, it will possibly’t attain the critters and allergens deep in a thick mattress (a typical mattress is at the least 20cm excessive), mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew. “It might scale back the mite inhabitants and even scale back the allergen ranges if the mattress shouldn’t be thick and large.”

Furthermore, steam cleansing must be carried out very totally. In any other case, it could worsen the scenario by leaving the mattress damp and growing the humidity. And as you’ve already learn earlier on, mites and mold develop in these circumstances – together with micro organism, mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew.


Vacuuming your mattress could deliver the allergens which can be embedded deep throughout the mattress as much as the floor and improve your publicity to those allergens, mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew.

Moreover, “scientific analysis has persistently proven vacuum-cleaning to be largely ineffective at eradicating mud mite allergens”, he mentioned, including that it removes mud mite allergens “in an inconsistent and incomplete method”. “One can’t vacuum away the thousands and thousands of mites, nor the big portions of allergens amassed through the years,” he mentioned.

In the event you’re eradicating mud from the highest of your mattress, diligently vacuuming it could be “barely higher” than smacking it, he added.


Common altering would scale back the buildup of mud, useless pores and skin, physique oil and sweat, mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew, and restrict the proliferation of the mites and mold.

Nevertheless, these bugs are discovered not solely on the floor of the mattress however inside as nicely, he mentioned. “As such, altering the mattress sheets alone wouldn’t be ample to scale back your publicity to mud mites and their allergens.”

However if you happen to’re up for it, he recommends altering your sheets as soon as every week. “In case your pet climbs onto the mattress sometimes, a better frequency of change would positively be really useful, whether or not or not one is allergic to the pet.”


Don’t write it off as “so auntie” simply but. Direct daylight could kill micro organism, mould and dirt mites – however not take away the allergens, mentioned Affiliate Professor Chew.

It solely works if you happen to go away the mattress in direct daylight for as much as six hours, he mentioned. In the event you can solar the mattress weekly and hold it dry (whether or not from urine or drink spillage), it could be a helpful technique to attempt, supplied it’s a comparatively new mattress that hasn’t amassed a number of allergens, he added.

However be ready to your mattress’s lifespan to be shortened although. “Latex-based mattresses could also be oxidised by direct daylight publicity, ensuing of their bodily distortion and inflicting vital harm,” he mentioned.


Affiliate Professor Chew has this anecdote on mattress alternative: “A doctor good friend as soon as instructed me that his recommendation for his very allergic sufferers is to purchase low-cost mattresses and alter them each few months, relatively than spend some huge cash on costly mattresses and hold them for years or a long time.”

If going by way of low-cost mattresses isn’t supreme for you, you would preserve an setting that’s much less mite-friendly. As an example, hold the temperature and humidity low within the bed room at lower than 50 per cent relative humidity, he mentioned.

“Don’t muddle the bed room or the mattress. Keep away from carpets because the mattress and carpet are crucial accumulators of mud mites and their allergens.”

However you could have to chuck out your mattress when you have:

– Extra allergy signs at night time or if you lie in your mattress.

– A consistently blocked or runny nostril however the signs go away when you’re away from the room.

– An outdated mattress that’s stained and smells mouldy.


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