‘Greatest cause’ mice enter your property – ‘efficient’ strategies to ‘hold them away for good’ – Specific


Mice usually search shelter in heat, enclosed areas, like your house. There are various issues you are able to do to maintain mice out of your own home and shield your property from these pesky rodents. Because it seems, there are a number of smells that these pests can not stand, which suggests you should utilize them to your benefit. From important oils to widespread home goods, many odours will ship mice working within the different path.

As soon as folks discover mice of their house it may be extraordinarily tough to utterly do away with the issue. Plus, as soon as they’ve constructed their hidden nesting space it solely will get tougher. 

That’s the reason it’s best to take steps to stop an infestation earlier than it might even occur. 

So why do mice enter properties? Pest management consultants at Sigma Pest management claimed: “One of many greatest causes mice enter your property is as a result of they’re searching for meals. And one of many best locations to search out meals is in a rubbish bin that has not been correctly sealed. 

“Ensure to maintain your rubbish bins tightly sealed always and don’t depart any luggage or cans open. This can make it tough for mice to get to the meals and can hold them from getting into your property.”

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Specialists at Fox Pest Management have shared some pure scents that can be utilized round the home to cease mice getting into.

Peppermint oil

The pest management professionals stated: “Peppermint oil is an efficient methodology for retaining mice and rats away. 

“These rodents can not stand this oil’s strong and minty scent, so a number of drops round your property can go a great distance in retaining them away for good.”

Householders may also use a diffuser to unfold the peppermint oil round their house or apply it on to areas the place they’ve seen mice. Simply remember to dilute the oil first, as undiluted peppermint oil can irritate your pores and skin.


Citronella is a widely known mosquito repellent, but it surely can be used to maintain mice away. 

The consultants stated: “These animals hate the lemon-like scent of citronella, so utilizing it round your property can assist to discourage them.”

You should purchase citronella candles or oils or plant citronella crops across the house. These crops is not going to solely assist hold rodents away but in addition make out of doors areas extra nice.


Along with pure smells, there are additionally chemical scents that thrust back these pests, one in every of which being bleach.

The pest management gurus stated: “Bleach is a typical family product that can be utilized as a rodent repellent. 

“The pungent scent of bleach is disagreeable to those animals, so utilizing it round your property can assist hold them away.

“You possibly can combine it with water and spray it round your property, then monitor the realm to see if the rodents are repelled after a number of days.”

You’ll want to use bleach safely, as it may be poisonous if inhaled or ingested. Put on gloves and a masks when utilizing this cleansing product, so that you don’t breathe within the fumes.


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