Averting a Fruit Fly Emergency in Mexico with a Nuclear Approach – Worldwide Atomic Power Company


Medfly (Ceratitis capitata) is taken into account among the many most devastating insect pests worldwide as a result of direct injury it inflicts on a variety of fruit and vegetable crops. In Mexico, medfly is an invasive quarantine pest, however utilizing the SIT, the nation was in a position to eradicate the fly in 1982. Nevertheless, the fly can cross borders simply so the nation should stay vigilant to its incursions. Outbreaks of medfly can result in strict quarantine restrictions from different nations on fruit and greens commerce and so result in monumental socio-economic penalties.

Mexico is the world’s seventh largest exporter of agricultural merchandise and sustaining a medfly-free standing is essential for the nation. “When Mexico sounded the alarm and requested for our assist, we had been prepared,” stated Nicola Schloegl, an IAEA Programme Administration Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean. Schloegl has been coordinating the IAEA’s technical cooperation assist to Senasica in responding to the fruit fly outbreak. The outbreak has been recorded in a 169 sq. kilometre space, inside a delimited space of 4,289 sq. kilometres the place phytosanitary measures have been utilized. “The nation is an agricultural powerhouse, so there’s a lot at stake when there’s an outbreak, significantly within the present world scenario the place we already see rising meals costs.”

Within the Colima outbreak, medflies had been recorded affecting fruits and tropical almonds in city areas, posing a threat to agricultural crops similar to mangoes, guavas, papaya, figs, oranges, pink grapefruits and carambolas. Mexico estimates that it produces over 189 billion Mexican pesos (EUR 8.8 billion) price of horticultural crops for export yearly that could possibly be affected by the medfly outbreak if not introduced underneath management.

Walther Enkerlin Hoeflich, an FAO/IAEA entomologist, was on the bottom in Colima final month. He’s been supporting medfly management programmes throughout Latin America and the Caribbean at a technical degree and supplied assist to Colima. He led a panel of specialists who verified that the actions undertaken by Mexican authorities had been carried out following worldwide requirements and helped develop suggestions to enhance the operation. “Mexico’s response to the medfly outbreak in Colima was fast, skilled and environment friendly. Their technicians are skilled in making use of the SIT due to the long-standing cooperation Mexico has with the IAEA and FAO in utilizing this method,” Enkerlin Hoeflich stated. The panel really useful persevering with the discharge of sterile flies till June 2022, in an effort to eradicate any remaining pest inhabitants pockets.

At the moment, Mexico produces over 500 million sterile medflies each week within the state of Chiapas on the nation’s southern border. The mass-rearing facility there’s the world’s second largest and was opened earlier this year following IAEA steering. This facility has been the supply of the 1.2 billion sterile male medflies launched over Colima’s outbreak areas to date.

“The Colima operation is on observe and for now the outbreak is effectively underneath management. We’ll proceed to work with Mexico to make sure the livelihoods of farmers stay safe from this devastating pest,” Enkerlin Hoeflich stated.


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